They come out at night

Feb 10, 2015, 5:02:03 PM

I know that this won't be everyone's cup of tea, so if the sight of a spider makes you run a mile I apologise.

I went outside the other night to hang some washing on the line when I saw this fella hanging in his web - which he had very thoughtfully built smack in the middle of the washing line. Obviously the washing didn't end up getting outside...

This isn't just meant to be a story about that night I saw a big spider on the washing line. There's something about me to share too. I love to take photos that the human eye normally wouldn't see, or in a way that you couldn't get from just whipping your iPhone out. I love extreme close ups and extreme wide angles, fast shutter speeds to freeze some action, long exposures to show light travelling through time, using light to give a different view of something.

To the naked eye he just looked like your regulation brown hairy spider, but by using a flash positioned off to the right of us I was able to show the red of his translucent legs, which look a little like he has jelly snakes for legs. My Canon 100mm Macro lens also allowed me to get nice and close to him which really helps to show the detail - the little spikes up his legs, the texture of his body and also the patterns of his web. 

I'm not the biggest fan of spiders but this guy interests me and as long as he hangs around out the back I'm sure I'll be chasing him round with my camera.